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Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 6th of the Dr Dukan Diet! I am 10 pounds lighter!

I am super excited! It's day six of the Dukan Attack Phase and I have dropped down from 160 to 150 pounds! This is a phenominal breakthrough for me, as I have never lost weight this quickly without using liquid or starvation dieting.
The best part about the attack phase is I'm not even hungry, the protein really keeps you feeling full, so does the quart and a half of water daily. Oat Bran is also required, about a tablespoon and a half a day. I couldn't locate the actual bran itself but was able to purchas the oat bran tablets taken three a day one with each meal.
So far, no headaches or tummy rumblings and the 20-30 minute required walking helps to boost my endorphins so I'm feeling really good about myself : )
I used to be afraid of the scale, now I can't wait to get on it each morning!

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