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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 26 Cruise Phase Dr Dukan Diet

Hello again, it's been about two months since I began my weight loss journey on the Dr Dukan Diet. So far I've lost a total of 13 pounds and about 12 inches all over my body! Yaay!

I am currently in the Cruise Phase of the diet, eating solid protein one day alternating with non starchy vegetables and proteing the next.

I'm not seing any diffeence yet in the weight loss pound per pound, however I do look thinner and can now fit in my size 8 jeans, whereas before I was in a size 12.

All in all I plan to stick to the plan, because I beleive it works!

In a few days I will begin the Attack Phase again, to jumpstart the pound loss as Dr Dukan states in the plan; if you're not losing pounds and you're following the diet closely, you can return to the Attack Phase for more rapid fat loss.

Aside from my weight loss plan, I'm completing a hard edit on my novel Unlikely Princesses! and plan to do a re-promote through Amazon and the wire by mid summer.

Angeliic is still in the works and my new beauty book - In and Out Natural Beauty.

In the meantime I will continue to blog and keep my readers abreast on my progress!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Melinique Sanz has started Thu Dukan Diet!

Cruising along in the Cruise Phase!

I'm Cruising along in the Cruise Phase, its my 6th day of eating one day pure protein, one day protein and vegetables. So far I've kept a stable weight of 147, which is expected, by the end of the month I should have lost 4-6 pounds. Throughout this phase Dr Dukan explains that the weight loss is slower due to the introduction of vegetables which are water absorbing. He does suggest walking 30-60 minutes a day to step up the metabolism, also to continue with the oat bran using 2 tblsp daily as opposed to 1 and 1/2. I'm pleased at my loss in inches and dress size. I now wear a size 8 dress and 9/10 in my jeans; these are misses sizes not womens. Before the diet I was a size 13/14 in jeans and 11/12 in dresses. I've also noticed my bras getting a little looser, hopefully I won't lose too much in that department : )!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Melinique Sanz is featured in May's Beauty Column of Polite Society Magazine!

Super excited to announce that I'm featured in Polite Society Magazine for the month of May! my article is entitled Graciousness and Beauty.

Don't be Rude! Be Polite and register this month!

Happy reading : )!!

Dukan Diet Attack Phase 8th day and 11 pounds slimmer!

Well, it's been eight days since I began my weight loss journey with the Dr Dukan Diet. I feel really good, no tummy troubles or moods bordering depression or excessive tiredness. Amazingly the Attack Phase has been more of a breeze than I had imagined, especially since I'm not carnivorous by nature. At any rate I will continue towords the last two days of this phase before I move into the Cruise Phase which will alternate my pure protein menu with fresh veggies that are starch free;which means no corn, carrots, potatos, peas or beans.

While on this diet I'm reminded of the TWA Stewardess Diet that I used whenever I wanted to drop 10 pounds in three days - what can I say, I was young and prococious and didn't think how it would screw up my matabolism thirty years later. On that particular diet you had to eat alot of lean meats also as well as a half a grapefruit with each meal. It worked on a chemical breakdown and I felt like I'd been drug through a pinhole backwards by the time it had ended! But I was ten pounds lighter! Needless to say I bounced right back to my overweight self in no time and was yo-yoing with this diet like I was competing in the yo-yo national championsips.

The great thing about Dr Dukans diet is he educates you about your body's nature to sabotage allowing you to counter attack by training that old nature into a new nature that stablizes at your true weight. This means that when you stick to the full course all the way to the Transitional phase you can't lose. Which is exactly what I am about to do!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 6th of the Dr Dukan Diet! I am 10 pounds lighter!

I am super excited! It's day six of the Dukan Attack Phase and I have dropped down from 160 to 150 pounds! This is a phenominal breakthrough for me, as I have never lost weight this quickly without using liquid or starvation dieting.
The best part about the attack phase is I'm not even hungry, the protein really keeps you feeling full, so does the quart and a half of water daily. Oat Bran is also required, about a tablespoon and a half a day. I couldn't locate the actual bran itself but was able to purchas the oat bran tablets taken three a day one with each meal.
So far, no headaches or tummy rumblings and the 20-30 minute required walking helps to boost my endorphins so I'm feeling really good about myself : )
I used to be afraid of the scale, now I can't wait to get on it each morning!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Melinique Sanz has started the Dukan Diet!

It's Melinique Sanz, author of Unlikely Princesses, and the soon to be sequel Angeliic!
I am so very excited to have begun this new and unique way of losing weight and keeping it off for life! I will be blogging just about every week, submitting updates, video URL's and photo's.
I'm really looking forward to losing 40 pounds in order to reach my True Weight which is 121 pounds.
What I love about this diet is when you read Dr Dukans book it's instuctions are thorough as are his explainations. He really makes it easy to understand why your body can be your worst enemy by sabotaging weight loss; his solution to this dilemma is utilizing three phases, the Attack phase, the Cruise phase and the Consolidation phase which offers light at end of the diet tunnel.
So far I have dropped 5 pounds in three days! I went from 160 to 155 and felt my energy levels boost as a result! I'm revved up about slimming down to a size 4 and will see this diet through til the end!