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Friday, May 6, 2011

Melinique Sanz has started the Dukan Diet!

It's Melinique Sanz, author of Unlikely Princesses, and the soon to be sequel Angeliic!
I am so very excited to have begun this new and unique way of losing weight and keeping it off for life! I will be blogging just about every week, submitting updates, video URL's and photo's.
I'm really looking forward to losing 40 pounds in order to reach my True Weight which is 121 pounds.
What I love about this diet is when you read Dr Dukans book it's instuctions are thorough as are his explainations. He really makes it easy to understand why your body can be your worst enemy by sabotaging weight loss; his solution to this dilemma is utilizing three phases, the Attack phase, the Cruise phase and the Consolidation phase which offers light at end of the diet tunnel.
So far I have dropped 5 pounds in three days! I went from 160 to 155 and felt my energy levels boost as a result! I'm revved up about slimming down to a size 4 and will see this diet through til the end!

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